6 February 2014

Where to Find a Russian Prostitute in Singapore?

I don’t have a clue. Perhaps Orchard Towers? The building with four floors and many doors. If you were actively seeking information on where to find a Russian Prostitute in Singapore and Google or some other Search Engine has referred you here – which it seems that you did and it has – then maybe you should read no further - because I don’t know. Where to find one.

A Russian Prostitute in Singapore.

I really don’t.

I write a blog and Google is the main platform on which I scribe and publish to the world. I recently discovered it has an analytics program attached to it that tells me all sorts of shit - some of it interesting. For example it tells me the countries in which Posts were read and how many ‘reads’ I have had. It also tells me the source of the reading of a Post and whether it has been read as a result of Google search.

I was somewhat alarmed but also slightly amused to discover today that the most popular Google Search result in which my writing appears is the question “Where to Find a Russian Prostitute in Singapore?”

What the fuck?

I repeat the question for emphasis.

What the fuck?

The Post that this search prompts is one I wrote a year ago or more. It was titled “The Russians” and it has nothing to do with prostitution. It was about drinking. I know some Russians here on the Island and count many as amongst my friends but they are artists and business people. Smart and very nice people. None of them are prostitutes.

None at all.

So that is weird.

It must have something to do with the fact that I have written the words “Russian” and “Prostitute” repeatedly in my Post. I wouldn’t have thought I wrote the word ‘prostitute’ very much but I will have to go back and re-read it and check. I know for a fact though that I also wrote the word “Irish” quite a lot in that Post as well. It doesn’t seem that very many people are searching for Irish prostitutes in Singapore - or at least not with the same alacrity that they are Russians.

Fancy that.

The mere fact that I have now written the words, "Where to find a Russian Prostitute in Singapore" many times will attract further search traffic here - from Google. I will write it again just to be sure. Twice in fact.

"Where to find a Russian Prostitute in Singapore"

"Where to find a Russian Prostitute in Singapore"

That should do it.

I am more curious and a bit alarmed at the whole Google and data thing though. I think between them and Facebook and Apple they have a lot of information on us and they are accumulating more and more all the time. We are giving it to them. Our footprints in the cyber world are heavy and we are being tracked and watched. With embedded GPS in our ever-present phones and mobile devices Google knows where we are, whom we are with and what we are doing. It knows what we are buying and even what we are eating for fuck sake. We take photos of it.

We Post it and are Tagged.

It is all becoming a bit Big Brother.

It’s a bit scary when you pause and think about it.

It's a bit sinister.

What has become of that data? How can it be used? 

A couple of months ago in my home town of Melbourne in Australia Police Authorities identified, apprehended and arrested a sixteen year old boy who Tweeted the threat:

"@Pink I'm ready with my Bomb. Time to blow up #RodLaverArena".

The threat was a drunken and empty one made by a silly and much remorseful boy - but the identification and arrest of the culprit was undertaken and concluded within minutes of it being Posted. Just from a Tweet.

That's impressive use of technology. That's frightening as well.

Data and access can change anything.

It can change everything.

Anyway I just thought I would let you know about this cyber intrusion and threat even though you are likely already probably aware of it yourself. To repeat too - and to emphasise - if you just came across this by doing a Google search on “Where to Find a Russian Prostitute in Singapore” – I will tell you again that I do not know.

Nor indeed do I care.

However Google and Big Brother and I now know who you are.

We now know where you live.

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